Workforce development

One of VTC’s essential components is professional skill development and implementation of various educational programs.

We strive to create a strong link between technical universities and the field which will encourage cooperation and will strengthen the role of universities as active centers of research.
Trainings and seminars are conducted by experienced professional in the field.
At the end of the trainings students have the chance to find jobs in companies operating at VTC.

Technical professional trainings which are the core of our educational programs are aimed at students of different age groups and academic progress in IT and engineering.

By making international knowledge available and by inviting best trainers we organize trainings in various themes which are selected based on need assessment of engineering and ICT companies.

There are engineering and prototype laboratories at VTC.

VTC implements the following educational programs in its laboratories both short-term (up to 6 months), and long-term – 6 months and more;

  1. Computer engineering courses – C Fundamental; LabView; Discrete Mathematics; OSE: Windows, Unix, Linux; Algorithms Theory; Logic Synthesis; Verilog; Digital Design; Digital Testing
  2. Basic web and mobile programming – Algorithms and data structures; C, C++, C#, Java Script, objective C, PHP, HTML; Database Programming; Interface Design
  3. Computer engineering design courses – AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA


Training on business
School programs

img_0480In the process of modern economy development a great importance is given to the development technology sphere. The availability of quality specialists is essential for the sphere development. School has a very important role in the formation and career guidance of specialists. In order to support natural science teaching at schools projects are being implemented in the frameworks of which children have the possibility to carry out their lab experients and practical courses in equipped laboratories; pupils take part in English language, programming trainings and various other career based clubs.The program is designed for 8-18 year-olds and the main goals are;

  •  Support schools in the process of improving educational programs
  •  Modern technology application in educational processes
  •  Support schools in the process of teaching natural sciences
  •  Promotion and engagement of school children in IT sphere


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