Foreign language learning becomes easier and faster with the help of a project designed by a teacher from Vanadzor

E-Voca-PROJECT-2Armenian E-Voca Project start up is designed for people who want to learn foreign languages but have difficulties in memorizing words.

The mobile application based on achievements in innovative technologies and well-known scientific psychology statements will allow to quickly learn and memorize hundreds of words.

The author of the project is Garegin Karhanyan, a teacher, who is familiar with all the issues that people face while learning a foreign language. Based on working experience Garegin Karhanyan together with the co-founder of the application Garik Arzumanyan begin E-Voca PROJECT’s activities.

The project isn’t designed only for learning English. Four languages; Indian, Chinese, Russian and Arabic, there are dictionaries composed of 500 words for TOEFL or travelling around various countries. There are also 3 dictionaries with 200 simple expressions. In the near future a dictionary with 1000 elementary level words that will be divided into several groups; house, education, shops etc. Dictionaries will be in German, Spanish, French, Armenian, English and Russian. Overall, E-Voca project application has around 50 audio dictionaries.

The authors of the project have one more aim; to push forward the Armenian language and make it accessible for all. For stepping into international market though, some investments need to be done.

In 2015 E-Voca project was the winner of Matching Grants, Vanadzor financed by Enterprise Incubator Foundation, World Bank and Ministry of Economy of the RA.


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