Vanadzor Technology Center takes Shushan closer to her dream

DSC03703It has already been several years that Shushanik Harutyunyan’s everyday life is connected with technology sphere. She is fond of learning new things, searching and finally finding her beloved occupation.

Shushanik has already graduated from State Engineering University of Armenia Vanadzor branch, department of informatics and computer science, afterwards the department of software engineering.

After university routine Shushanik’s favourite profession led her to Vanadzor Technology Center where she realized what she wanted to do in the future, which is her mission and her dream job.

Shushanik is revealing the secrets of web programming, dreams of creating worldwide websites.

“I’ve always admired Google’s work, I have dreamt of being in such a working environment. When I learnt that a Technology Center is going to be opened in Vanadzor it seemed to me that I am standing closer to my dream. Now I am waiting for reconstruction work to be over at the Center’’.

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